RN Internship Program

Canandaigua, New York, United States Part-time

Are you an RN currently working in an Emergency Department or ICU setting? Are you a Paramedic currently providing 911 transport service? Have you ever thought about taking your career to the next level as a Critical Care Air Medical Transport Provider?

If so, Mercy Flight Central has an exciting opportunity that will allow Nurses and Paramedics to expand their Critical Care Transport knowledge base while at the same time experiencing, first-hand, what working in this challenging and fast-paced career is all about.

Nurses or Paramedics who are accepted into the Internship program will, after receiving required aircraft safety training, work alongside the experienced Air Medical Providers of Mercy Flight Central, accompanying them on both on-scene and interfacility patient transports. Interns will work a minimum of one 12 hour day shift every other week, reporting for duty alongside their assigned mentors and integrating into the team. The intern's knowledge of current Critical Care treatment modalities will be enhanced through a program of guided study, utilizing videos, podcasts and review of current medical literature. Assigned mentors will review and discuss various topics related to Critical Care transport with the intern during shift downtime. Learning will be enhanced with scenario-based training utilizing Mercy Flight Central's dynamic human patient simulators.

If you have been curious about the possibility of becoming a Critical Care Air Medical Transport provider but have been unsure whether this career would be a good fit for you then this is the opportunity you have been waiting for! Come explore with us and see if you have what it takes to boost your career to the next level!

Applicants must have either an unrestricted New York State license as a Registered Nurse or a current, valid New York State EMT-Paramedic certification. At least one year of ED, ICU or 911 transport experience is desirable.

Job Summary:

Utilizing ICU/ED hospital experience, perform the duties of an air medical provider pursuant to the standards as set forth by company management and the Department of Health.

Summary of essential job functions:

-Participation in shift crew briefings

-Accurate and timely completion of company time sheet

-Maintain proficiency and currency in conjunction with company training programs

-Perform pre and post-flight aircraft inspections to insure cleanliness and operability of medical and safety equipment according to NYSDOH regulations and MFC SOP

-Perform patient care according to company “Standards of Care” and NYSDOH guidelines.

-Completion of annual clinical requirements

-Perform general housekeeping duties to insure cleanliness and functionality of work areas

-Timely completion of assigned “Shift Duties and Responsibilities”

-Participation in company Quality Management program

-100% attendance at company meetings

-100% adherence to quarterly skills requirement

-Accurate and complete collection of flight reimbursement information

-Accurate and complete patient care documentation

-Adherence to company policies and procedure

Scope of Practice:

-Upon completion of training, and with on line medical control for scene calls, advanced procedures for all patient populations may be performed. These skills include, but are not limited to, RSI, oral intubation, King Airway, surgical airway, needle crics, NG/OG insertion, Pericardiocentesis, chest decompression, ventilator management, IV, IO, blood administration, Foley insertion, and central line access.

-Obtain subjective and objective patient data, utilizing a systematic rapid primary assessment and prioritized secondary approach.

-Formulization of care based on subjective and objective findings along with the working diagnosis. 

-Initiation of prioritized, appropriate, and timely interventions based on Mercy Flight Central (MFC) care standards, standing orders, and/or on-line medical control. 

-Evaluation of interventions performed, continual reassessment, evaluation and modification of care plan throughout patient transfer. 

-Utilization of Medical control for deviations of MFC flight care standards. 

-Provide information, comfort, psychosocial and physical support to patient and family as appropriate 

-Prevent and/or decrease environmental stress exposure to the patient. 

-Maintain professional communications and interpersonal skills with all members of the transport team and persons involved with the transport process. 

-Thorough documentation of patient care according to MFC policy and procedures 

-Proper radio communications

-Complete flight debriefing, patient follow-up, and agency follow-up.

-Complete physician’s order sheet for procedures completed with on-line medical control via EMS Charts documentation.

-Maintenance of equipment and supplies

-Timely completion of shift duties

-Participate in Quality Management

-Teaching and public speaking

-Participate in research development, implementation, and evaluation.

-Other duties as assigned

-Remain familiar with and follow P&P as well as SOC


Minimum Requirements:

-Minimum of three (3) years ICU or ED experience

-Possess and maintain certification in:

  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) or Advanced Cardiac Life Support for the Experienced Provider (ACLS-EP)
  • Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS), Pediatric Education for Pre-hospital Professionals (PEPP – Advanced Course), Advanced Pediatric Life Support (APLS) or Emergency Nurses Pediatric Course (ENPC)
  • Basic Life Support for the Healthcare Provider (CPR)

-Possess, or obtain within 90 days of date of hire certification in the following National Incident Management System (NIMS) courses:

  • IS-700
  • ICS-100
  • ICS-200

-Possess and maintain, or obtain in accordance with Mercy Flight Central Policy, course completion in one of the following Advanced Trauma Care Courses:

  • Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) Course Audit
  • Advanced Trauma Care for Nurses (ATCN)
  • Transport Nurse Advanced Trauma Course (TNATC)

-Maintain License / proficiency according to state and local standards:

  • NYS EMT or higher within 1 year of employment
  • NYS RN Licensure


Abilities Required:

-Must be able to sit for extended periods of time in uncomfortable conditions

-Must be able to lift at least 50 lbs. unaided

-Must be able to endure long periods of adverse flight conditions, including, but not limited to: extreme temperatures, prolonged discomfort, and aircraft turbulence

-Must be physically able to crawl in and out of the aircraft unaided, walk at least ¼ mile carrying 50 lbs. of equipment, and must be able to securely fasten all required aircraft restraints 

-Employee’s weight shall not exceed 220 lbs


Company information:

Mercy Flight Central is a non-profit Air Medical Company serving the rural and suburban population of New York for more than 20 years. We operate BK-117 aircraft out of our Rochester and Syracuse area locations. Through a comprehensive and aggressive continuing education program, we are able to maintain high standards within the Air Medical transport industry.

MFC is currently utilizing a HAL S3201 Advanced Tetherless Patient Simulator to enhance our simulation based education. Our education program prepares the air medical provider to use and understand our state of the art equipment; to include Terason portable ultrasound, Zoll X series cardiac monitor, and Hamilton T1 ventilator